Horween Tan Inferno Stitched Belt
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This Horween Stitched belt combines a natural veg-tanned leather base layer with a tan inferno leather top layer. These two leather strips are then stitched together with a tonal nylon thread resulting in a beefy, yet refined belt.
This belt is crafted from full grain steer hide made by the Horween Leather Company in Chicago. The shade is a vibrant tan. Everyone in the office was immediately drawn to this color. It has a truly vintage vibe as if it came straight off the ranch. We refer to it as cowboy color around the office. We're pairing this beautiful leather with a solid brass buckle.
We pay special attention to the finish as we do on all our products. The edges are beveled and edged, and the belt is finished with a traditional English point. The belt is riveted, and is stamped with a Gustin logo on the backside.
Fit Six sizes available. Measured from buckle center to middle holes of five. Measure your current belt to pick the best size.
Fabric Horween Tan Inferno leather, 1.5" width
Trims 100% solid brass buckle and rivets
Made in California
Est. Ship February 2019
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