- COVID-19 FAQs -
What's going on?
Our first priority is the health and safety of the men and women that work in our factories. Some factories have temporarily paused production, while others are continuing to work with enhanced safety precautions (social distancing, fewer people in the factory at a time, people wearing masks / gloves, etc.,).
As a brand that makes goods in the USA, we're trying to do our part to keep doing what we do. We want our factories to remain safely open, and to keep their talented people gainfully employed during this time of hardship. We're continuing to sell clothing because it's the lifeblood that lets us keep employing people. Is quality menswear the most important thing right now? Absolutely not. However we believe that we can help the people we employ by carrying on. That's what we'll keep doing as best we can, with your support.
We will continue to ship orders as they arrive. Please make sure your orders are shipping to a place where you can still receive packages.
Are you still shipping?
Yes. Shipping services are still operating in California, which means anything from our stock store will ship within a day, and other items can ship when they're completed.
Some countries have declared a situation of force majeure for all inbound and outbound letters, parcels and express mail service items until further notice. Precautionary measures imposed by the government to curb spread of COVID-19 are affecting daily operations and services offered by airlines and other transportation providers. This is having a direct impact on service quality for both international inbound and outbound mail. As such, international customers can expect delivery delays during these unprecedented times.
Where are my orders in production?
They are still being produced, but things are changing on a daily basis. Check your orders page for information on your specific orders. We're working to keep this as updated as possible.
What's going on with current campaigns?
The campaigns are still running. We've set the delivery dates for when we expect to be able to finish and ship these items. We'll continue to update these as the situation progresses, and as we learn more from our factories and suppliers.
If you still have questions, we're always available at team@weargustin.com