Crowdsourced Fashion

Artisan quality, classic American garments at true wholesale prices

When you approach an industry from a totally new angle, you can do some pretty cool things.

We use crowdsourcing to line up supply and demand for every product we make. This creates zero waste cycle and we return the savings to you. Our formerly $205-$269 selvedge jeans now start at $81. A $200 Japanese cotton Oxford button down is now only $69.

Gustin Selvedge Denim

Former Retail Price $205 - $269

Crowdsourced Price from $74

Fashion will never be the same

Your closet will never be the same

Classic American Style Perfected.

  • Modern, tailored fits around iconic styles: denim, khakis, button downs. The foundation for a man's closet.
  • The finest American, Japanese, and Italian fabrics are used, sparing no expense.
  • We do not cut corners on construction, crafting everything the right way, only in the United States.

No Waste = Radical Value

You help us line up supply and demand every single time. Crowdsourcing is the mechanism we use to let you tell us what to make. Without inventory piling up in a warehouse and wasteful marketing campaigns to convince you to buy what we already made, there is tremendous efficiency. We pass that savings back to you. Unlike other brands that cut out the middle-man but keep the savings, you're getting boutique quality at true wholesale. We know because we used to sell through high-end retail.

Our Experience

  • We’ve been designing premium menswear for over 8 years, working tirelessly to perfect our craft.
  • Our roots are in creating the highest quality garments possible no matter the effort required.
  • Our designs have been on the highest-end boutique shelves across the country from San Francisco to New York.