Sustainability at Gustin

Published: July 20, 2023

As the world faces escalating environmental concerns, we try to stand apart from the fast fashion industry of today. Gustin is not only known for its high-quality clothing but also for a business model focused on practices that challenge conventional norms. We use a unique crowdsourcing model, utilize raw denim to conserve water and commit to local production to minimize shipping emissions. Follow us as we explore our approach to incorporating sustainable principles.

Crowdsourcing: Combating Overproduction and Waste

In an era where excessive production is rampant, Gustin takes a refreshingly different approach. Our crowdsourcing model is designed to combat overproduction, a widespread issue causing massive textile waste and associated environmental harm. Crowdsourcing not only allows us to offer wholesale pricing but also gauge and respond accurately to demand. This means reducing unsold inventory and therefore unnecessary waste. This model ensures that we produce garments only when there’s a guaranteed demand, thus eliminating the detrimental cycle of overproduction and discarding surplus material or leftover goods. It’s an innovative, customer-centric approach that marries demand with supply, a game-changing concept for material waste.

The Power of Raw Denim: Conserving Water and Encouraging Sustainable Habits

While the cotton crop has been scrutinized for its extensive water usage, Gustin chooses to focus on raw, selvedge denim as a sustainable alternative. Raw denim undergoes no pre-washing or chemical treatment, eliminating two water-intensive practices commonly found in the denim industry. No power is used to dry them as others require for the "distressed" look. This look is achieved with time and actual wear with our denim. Although lots of water is still used with raw denim cotton, significantly less is used because of the washing/waiting method and elimination of the initial processes.

Additionally, raw denim naturally encourages more sustainable usage habits. Due to its unique nature and quality, raw denim wearers often delay washing and when they do, it’s less frequent. Moreover, we always encourage air drying, further minimizing energy consumption.

The raw denim culture also fosters a minimalist wardrobe ethos. Many raw denim enthusiasts prefer investing in a handful of high-quality pieces rather than continuously buying new clothes. This conscious consumption not only saves water and reduces chemical pollution, but also challenges the harmful culture of fast fashion.

Local Manufacturing: A Commitment to American Production

We choose local manufacturing whenever possible. Producing our clothing in the US, specifically California supports local businesses and significantly reduces emissions associated with the shipping of goods overseas or across states. Furthermore, local manufacturing allows us to have greater control over our supply chain, ensuring our products meet quality and ethical standards.

Cone Mills Legacy: Upholding a Tradition of Environmental Responsibility

Gustin’s approach to sustainable production takes inspiration from Cone Mills, an environmental pioneer in the textile industry. Long before environmental regulations were put in place, Cone Mills was treating wastewater and building necessary facilities, setting the bar for eco-conscious practices in the textile world. It is still a large part of who they are today. We aim to uphold this legacy, adopting environmentally sound practices within our own operations and by being a large patron of Cone denim.

Eliminating Packaging Waste: A Fight Against the Excess

The fashion industry’s reliance on excessive packaging contributes significantly to global waste. We’re committed to minimalism in this approach. We challenge the status quo by eliminating all non-essential packaging, including hangtags, unnecessary labels, and internal packaging. This effort significantly reduces the amount of trash produced, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Encouraging Clothing Care and Repair

We’re firm believers that a significant aspect of sustainable fashion lies in how clothes are cared for after purchase. Therefore, we encourage our customers to adopt proper clothing care practices, including washing less frequently, using cold water and air-drying, to extend their garments’ life. We also promote clothing repair, offering resources to help our customers maintain their Gustin pieces for years to come and to prevent garments from being discarded prematurely. Clothing repair supports more mindful consumption. Instead of treating clothes as disposable items, repairing them encourages us to appreciate their value and invest in their longevity. This shift promotes a more sustainable approach to fashion and can help reduce the demand for fast fashion, which often relies on cheap labor and unsustainable practices.


We’re not just selling clothes — we’re contributing to a more responsible, ethical, and sustainable approach to the fashion industry. By embracing innovative business models, championing raw denim, advocating for local manufacturing, and discarding excessive packaging, we’re challenging the norm. By promoting clothing care and repair, we encourage our customers to embrace the mindfulness of our planet.

Our commitment to you: to produce high-quality clothing that respects our planet, people and empowers our customers to do the same. We’re here to show you it is possible to make responsible fashion choices without sacrificing style or quality. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future, one garment at a time.

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