Double Indigo Stripe Selvedge Apron

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A wonderfully saturated, bright double indigo based contrasted with a unique crisp white stripe and sewn into a perfectly functional apron.
Color is the star in this new selvedge apron. It starts with an impossibly inky and bright blue indigo base. It's saturated but still has a vibrant almost electric quality to it. The perfect contrast to this deep base is a crisp, thick white stripe. A closer look reveals each channel to made up of a super thin ticking strip sandwiched between two thicker stripes. The look is vintage and the functionality is superb given the 6 ounce weight. It's an ideal protector without being overbearing. The classic red selvedge ID reminds you this is a rare fabric.
Whether you are a bar back, a grill master, or you just plain like to tinker this apron is for you. The two front pockets mirror those you would find on our jeans and are trimmed with the selvedge ID. The upper utility pocket is marked with a Gustin leather patch. Finally, the solid-brass hardware allows you to adjust the fit to your liking while adding a bit of flash. We love this apron and we are sure you will too.
Fabric 100% Cotton, 6oz, Red ID
Finish Solid-brass hardware, custom rivets, leather Gustin patch
Made in USA
Est. Ship April 2021
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