Field Notes Cover - English Tan Dublin
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Starting with the absolute best material is the way we approach all our products and the accessories are no exception. For leather, that means Horween. We use their product a lot, but we wanted to find something extra special this time. We found it in the company’s Dublin line. Dublin leather is the result of an experiment where Horween asked themselves, “What if we take a top quality cowhide and tan it with the same liquor we use to tan Shell Cordovan?" The result is a beautiful, durable leather that has particularly rich coloring. For these we're using the same English Tan Dublin we use in our totes. It’s an orange-brown shade that has tremendous highs and lows. It ages beautifully as the oils in the leather get rubbed and displaced resulting in slightly lighter patches to give it some visual complexity. It’s truly a thing of beauty.
These field notes covers are hand-cut, beveled and sewn in our shop in the USA. We use white thread on this item - the contrast stands out nicely against the richly-tanned leather.
Made in the USA.
External measurement 4" x 6" closed
Field Notes cover measurement 3.5" x 5.5" (not included)
Finish 4-5oz Horween English Tan Dublin full grain leather, white stitching
Trims Hand stamped with "G" logo
Made in USA
Est. Ship March / April 2015
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