Indigo Hickory Stripe Apron
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Our aprons started out as a thank you gift for some local artisans - our close friends at Blue Bottle Coffee and Del Popolo Pizza. After having a few made up and seeing how their durability, functionality, and stains told a story of a day's work, we knew we had something special.
As you no doubt know, we’ve run more fabrics since Gustin began than most companies will put out in a lifetime. From the standard offerings you’ve come to expect to something a little more exotic at a fantastic price point, we’ve always sought to produce something for everyone. That also applies to our aprons. We're doing something totally new with this batch. This Indigo Hickory Stripe fabric harkens back to the days when engineers shoveled coal into the furnaces to keep the trains running on time. Even if you don’t have similar intentions for how to use your apron, we’re certain it can handle anything you throw at it. It is the perfect indigo hue and light weight.
Whether you are a bar back, a grill master, or you just plain like to tinker this apron is for you. The two front pockets mirror those you would find on our jeans and are trimmed with the selvedge ID. The upper utility pocket is marked with a Gustin leather patch. Finally, the solid-brass hardware allows you to adjust the fit to your liking while adding a bit of flash. We love this apron and we are sure you will too.
Fabric Indigo Hickory Stripe Fabric
Finish Solid-brass hardware, custom rivets, leather Gustin patch
Made in USA
Est. Ship September 2016
#68 The Greensboro
#68 The Greensboro
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