Military Key Clip - Veg Tan

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This is the newest addition to our key ring collection. We always start with the highest quality, longest-lasting materials. In this case, it's Hermann Oak natural vegetable-tanned leather and a solid steel HK gun clip.

Let's talk about this clip for a second. These clips are named after Heckler & Koch - a large gun manufacturer. The clips are made to be used on either end of your gun sling, to make holding it a little easier. We spoke with a friend in the army, and he confirmed that his unit used them on the M249's - a 22lb fully-automatic machine gun with an 800 round-per-minute rate of fire. Suffice it to say, these are heavy-duty, and won't have an issue holding your keys. The feel of it is super industrial - it's the kind of product that's so overbuilt, and so simple that you just want to open and close it all day.

The natural veg-tanned leather is also built to last. It starts out very light, but will darken with time, picking up the indigo from your jeans. We use a continuous piece of leather, and hand-sew it on either end around the hardware.

The key clip has "G" logo heat-stamped in the middle, and a good-sized black steel split key ring to hold your keys.

Length - 5"

Finish Natural vegetable tanned-tanned leather, black steel HK clip, black steel split key ring
Trims Stamped with Gustin "G" logo
Made in USA
Shipping March 2015
Gustin logo

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