#84 Kasuri Sashiko Diamond Shorts

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Proudly made at our factory in the United States.
made in usa
This item is estimated to ship in July / August 2024.
A brilliant combination of some of Japan's most historic and beautiful techniques yields a true piece of fabric art that you can enjoy every day. The Kasuri Sashiko Diamond Shorts.
This fabric has been produced by a specialty mill in Japan that has been working on these techniques for over 100 years. They focus on handmade fabrics using only the best ingredients and most ancient techniques. The result is truly special. It starts with yarn. Natural plant dye indigo is used - rare and expensive. This plant indigo dye is deployed in the Ikat style in which bundles of yarn are tied and dyed by hand to form a base of colorful patterns. The Kasuri weave refers to the Japanese style that brings this unique yarn together into the full fabric. In this case, you get an amazing range of indigo showcasing the pure beauty of the dye. A Sashiko style is used to create the slubby, high texture character, lending a hand-made feel to the fabric. A unique diamond pattern covers the surface. This is truly rare, hand-made fabric and also clearly the most special pair of shorts you'll wear. 
Chino shorts are a must have, that's why they've become one of our most popular warm weather styles over the last few years. Now we're taking the style one step further to make them even easier to love. The big change - a drawstring elastic waistband. Sounds simple, but the transformation in wearability and comfort is huge. We start in classic form by making one more refinement in fit to absolutely dial it in while retaining all the classic details from the slash front pockets, single back pocket with button closure and clean lines. These are the elements that make the style so versatile - casual or slightly more formal depending on what you pair it with. The waistband is finished with a thick inset elastic, plush cotton drawstring, and beautiful herringbone liner. Instant on, instant fit. They stay put with no thought and the movement in the waist means pure comfort whether you're sitting, walking or standing. Simple, classic style made even better.
We're really excited to do all this in the USA at a value that's equally refreshing. Enjoy these.
Chino Short
#84 100% Cotton, 7oz
Tonal Stitching
Custom corozo button, Natural color herringbone and drawcord
Made in
made in usa
Fit guide
Est. Ship
July / August 2024
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