#8 Engineer Jacket - Big Wool Heather Grey

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Our new Engineer Jacket gets treated to special edition wools. Think vintage, classic wool and this is exactly the fabric you conjure up. Thick, dense, intensely colored wool with a truly rugged wool feel. This style has a density and warmth we love. It pairs with the workwear oriented roots of our new Engineer Jacket perfectly, while keeping a clean, timeless aesthetic. If you could only own one wool jacket these would be your winners. A heather grey is gives you versatility.Nothing beats wool on cool crisp days.
Our Engineer Jacket is an exercise in refinement and turning the crank until we had perfected each element. The first step was dialing in fit. We retain the classic roots of the shape while giving it a solid tailoring. The body is just right - fitted but not tight. The sleeves are clean and not overly wide, enhancing the sharpness of the silhouette. The classic point collar is there and we passed through countless shapes until we landed on the perfect length. The front hem bottoms are gently curved. We kept the classic 4 pocket front that defines this style and really lined up pocket size and placement.
Fit Chore Coat
Fabric #8, 90% Wool / 10% Nylon, 16oz
Finish Raw
Trims Custom Gustin hardware
Made in California
Fit guide Click here for our fit guide.
Est. Ship February / March 2021