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There's nothing like starting a new month with a totally new denim. It's even better when it happens to the be heaviest selvedge denim we've ever offered at a monstrous 26 ounces. This denim is in an ultra-rare weight class that very few brands in the world even offer. This is what we live for and being able to offer it at value that makes entry easier than anywhere else is icing on the cake. If you're ready for the challenge, this is an investment that will return for years. Note: We recommend sizing up one due to the weight and stiffness of the fabric.
When our mill in Japan first showed us this fabric we knew we had to offer it but we also knew we needed to sew a sample up to confirm a few things for ourselves.
1. Can you actually wear denim this heavy? Answer, yes. As you can see from these photos, it actually looks great on and you can move in it. As I went to write about this denim today I had my pair folded in the closet. When I grabbed them off the shelf it literally felt like picking up a brick. I thought I had grabbed 3 pairs of denim. Wearing denim of this weight is no joke. If feels a little like you've put on armor, but the huge yarns are pliable enough to allow you move. The way the fabric creases behind your knees and at the pockets when you sit is like nothing you'll feel in a lighter weight denim. It's a fun experience.
2. Does it look good? Answer, yes. Think of it as a classic selvedge composition using absolutely monstrous yarn. It's the perfect raw denim starting point. Super dark indigo warp on crisp white weft. You see great show-through on the weft which gives it a classic raw denim look. What's really cool are the subtle ways you can actually see the huge weight. When you cuff them, that roll is extra burly. When you look at the belt loops you notice just how thick this denim really is. It's just a classic and tough look.
3. Can we sew this monster weight to our quality standards? Answer, yes. Our factory is good. We've thrown more styles of denim at them in four years than many factories have to handle in a lifetime. Still, this weight is a unique challenge. It takes extra time and care to get right. Machines must be totally re-adjusted. Our crew was excited by this challenge and really got it right.
Selvedge denim like this is in a world of it's own. It'll challenge you, but it's a game worth playing because when you wear this fabric in you're in for a rare treat. If you can even find a 26 ounce denim, you'll see the prices in the $400+ range. We can do much better.
Available in our Straight, Slim and Skinny fits.
#364 Japan Selvedge, 26oz, Red ID
Raw, Contrast stitching, Veg tan patch
Custom hardware, hand stamped leather patch
Made in
made in usa
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