#424 Banana Selvedge

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Yarns spun directly from banana plants are transformed into vintage selvedge denim by masters in Japan. This is an ultra-rare denim find with one of the most beautiful surface textures and feels we've found. Let's all agree, it's just plain fun to be walking around in a denim that almost nobody else on the planet will ever experience.
Rarified selvedge denims like this are what we live for. They redefine the fabric we've come to love and represent what we look forward to putting on every day. This style showcases the mastery of ingredients and weaving that sets Japan miles apart from every other selvedge denim producer.
The star of this selvedge show is the banana plant itself. Fibers harvested from the stalk of the plant are painstakingly spun into yarn. It's an ancient process that has been re-energized as awareness and desire for organic, minimally processed fibers picks up. It also results in fabric that is prized for its strength and breathability. When transformed into this ultra-rare selvedge denim the texture becomes stunning. An absolute tapestry of fibrous threads protrudes from the top surface of the fabric. It's unlike any other style we've run, it lends a true old-world, hand crafted vintage feel to the denim. It's simply beautiful to look at and touch. A deep indigo warp provides a nice contrast for the white fibers while an 11 ounce weight keeps this raw denim a viable year-round option. Nothing could be more fitting than a bright yellow selvedge ID to complete the package. This is a truly unique denim experience.
Choose either our classic straight, slim or skinny fit. More details available in our fit guide.
Available in our Straight, Slim and Skinny fits.
#424 Japan Selvedge, 70% Cotton / 30% Banana, 11oz, Yellow ID
Raw, Contrast Stitching, Brown Patch
Custom hardware, hand stamped leather patch
Made in
made in usa
Fit guide
What is selvedge denim? Read more on our blog.
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