Hand Dyed Heavyweight Indigo T-Shirt
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Continuing on our journey to bring you intriguing garments, we are pleased to introduce our Heavyweight Hand-Dyed Indigo T-shirt. This is a one of a kind t-shirt crafted from an extraordinary dyeing process.
Our heavyweight hand dyed indigo t-shirt features 7 ounce 100% organic cotton jersey knitted in Los Angeles. Each finished t-shirt is hand dipped into a vat of indigo and then exposed to the air multiple times. Each cycle builds up the depth of color to achieve the desired shade. In this case the color is a dark deep indigo. Like denim, the finish ages with wear and will just keep getting better over time. We've brought you some pretty sweet t-shirts lately, but this one truly is amazing.
Fit is much more important on a t-shirt than you might think. We set out to strike the right balance between a tailored fit and an easy to wear piece. The shoulders are fitted, which keeps the overall look clean. The sleeves hit at just the right point on the arm and are tight enough to prevent them from winging out. The body is slightly tapered, but easy enough to not be mistaken as an undershirt. Finally, the length hits just right so it falls below the waist line, but does not cover your entire backside. Overall this shirt can stand alone or layer with a button down.
Construction details are classic and sturdy. We start with an inset collar using rib. Neck and shoulders are taped, which adds effort to construction, but provides an extra touch of structure to the garment. Double needle hems finish the sleeves and bottom and a slightly narrower gauge is used to lend a small element of refinement. This is the right way to make a t-shirt, without cutting any corners.
Hand dyed indigo t-shirts made in the USA are typically priced over $70. The Gustin model allows us to offer you a radically better value.
Note: Because of the unique dying process, this garment is prone to color transfer. We recommend washing it alone before wear.
Fit Crew Neck
Fabric 100% Organic Cotton, Canada, 7.0oz
Finish Hand Dyed
Made in California
Fit guide Click here for our fit guide.
Est. Ship October 2016
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