Japan Indigo Cable-Knit Sock 3PK

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A pair of socks is typically an understated garment, however, sometimes you just stumble upon a pair that gives your outfit the finishing touch.
The first thing you will notice in this pack is the unique cable-knit pattern which runs the entire length of the sock. What makes them even more special is the use of indigo dye which gives each sock a beautiful hue. This 3-pack features three shades of indigo, light, deep, and dark. The color variation in these socks is something that only an indigo dyed garment can produce.
This type of craftsmanship is hard to find outside of Japan. Our socks are woven by vintage Japanese machines that were built in the 1970's. While these are not the most efficient machines, they are uniquely capable of producing thick and durable socks that you just cannot find anywhere else. 60 needle point construction provides the highest knit density while maintaining a plush feel. The cuffs are designed to fit snugly and stay in place. The heel and toe are reinforced to ensure comfort and durability.
Quality socks made with these materials are typically priced at over $30 each. The Gustin model allows us to offer you a radically better value.
Our socks are only available in one size. They fit sizes 8-12.
Dye transfer may occur. Wash with like colors.
Fit Crew Cuff - 8" cuff height
Fabric 94% Cotton, 6% Polyester, Japan
Finish Pre-washed
Made in Japan
Est. Ship October 2017