Japan Slub Heather T-Shirt - Navy

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made in usa
Our latest specialty knit from Japan is a stunner. True craft transforms cotton into a jersey with massive character and we'll bet, your most prized T-Shirt. The Japan Slub Heather T-Shirts are here.
When we want the best, we often turn to Japan, where fabric is a true craft where each detail is highly considered. Knits clearly get just as much attention as selvedge denim and today's style is a demonstration. Basic knit jersey can often be just be flat. A workhorse, but lacking depth. That's the standout quality you get in this style. It starts with luxuriously soft cotton. The yarn receives expert attention in two ways make it special. The first is high slub yarns. These result in tremendous texture in the fabric surface. The organically irregular slub yarn creates an almost seersucker effect with raised areas. The feel is totally unique. The second is top-dye techniques to create a 100% cotton heather colors. This is rare, as most fabrics use plastic blends to achieve a heather-look. The coloring takes on a marbled effect with beautiful highs-and-lows. Color, texture, feel - you will understand the quality the moment you touch it. 
Construction details are classic and sturdy. We start with double stitch binding collar around the neck. Double needle hems finish the sleeves and bottom and a slightly narrower gauge is used to lend a small element of refinement. The fit strikes the ideal balance of tailored without being tight.
Please note this garment is dyed in small batches. Color variations are to be expected and can vary in tone or hue from batch to batch.
Crew Neck
100% Cotton
Made in
made in usa
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