Vintage Polo - Mist

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Proudly made at our factory in the United States.
made in usa
This item is estimated to ship in July / August 2024.
Imagine a garment you've worn well for years. Summer, winter. Inside, outside. Washed a millions times, perfectly formed to you. That was our goal in with these new Vintage Polos. 
We all have those special garments that just seem to always find their way to the top of our rotations. A great polos is a prime candidate, so we set out to create a version that has the unique patina of long ownership and great use. We start with our classic polo base. Fitted but not tight. A perfectly sized collar. The classic tennis tail. The ideal step up over a t-shirt to pair with anything from raw denim to chinos to shorts. Sewn right in the USA. We then apply a strong wash and pigment dye to create a luxuriously feel and softly aged color. Subtle style that's always timeless.
100% Cotton, USA, 5.0oz
Garment Washed
Corozo buttons
Made in
made in usa
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Est. Ship
July / August 2024
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