Horween Natural Chromexcel Fold Wallet

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The Horween Natural Chromexcel Fold Wallet is a twist on the traditional bifolds we've run in the past - at the same incredible value we're known for.

We designed this wallet for someone who wants the best of both worlds. Its two slots provide ample room and easy access to store any cards you need for your everyday carry. However, for those moments in life when cash is king, our interior flap provides a little extra security for those bills. As always, it uses the highest quality leather and construction, and is 100% made in the USA.

For these we're using Horween’s Chromexcel Natural leather. It’s in the brown family, but is much lighter in color with hints of grey and gold. The character this leather develops over time is really what makes Horween stand out. The leather takes on an incredible patina. You can see subtle highs and lows as the oils in the leather surface display from wear. It’s leather that’s beautiful on day one and gets even better with time. The beauty and durability of this leather is a perfect combination for our fold wallet, which is finished off with a heatstamped Gustin logo in the lower right-hand corner.

Made by hand in the United States.

Fit Folded dimensions: 4 1/8"x3.5"
Fabric Horween Natural Chromexcel full grain leather
Trims Interior Gustin stamp (not pictured)
Made in USA
Shipping June 2017
Gustin logo

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