iPad Sleeve - Saddle Tan
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Think of this as our Simple Wallet but for your iPad. Just like the wallet, it started as our own personal product. We liked it enough so now we're making it for you too.
We start out with US steer, full grain 4oz leather. This is a buttery soft, orange-tan color and feels amazing to the touch. The edges are burnished, like on our belts. The design is pure function and simplicity. A side loading sleeve keeps your iPad covered and protected. A small half-circle cut-out makes it easier to use. It's finished off with a heat-stamped Gustin logo on the bottom.
This kind of quality cover usually retails for $70 to $120. If we had to sell at retail and guess which style you wanted, we would be stuck doing the same. Fortunately we’re not, and that means you get a top quality product for a radical price.
Made by hand in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Fit iPad 2/3/4
Fabric 4oz US steer full grain leather
Finish Saddle Tan
Trims Stamped with Gustin logo
Made in USA
Est. Ship April 2014
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#82 American Sixteener
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