Gustin Bottle Opener
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At Gustin we are big believers in having fewer, but better things. As much as we all love using that same bottle opener we've been using for years which may or may not be on our key chains, even a bottle opener could use a bit of an upgrade.
The Gustin bottle opener comes in a range of metals and finishes. Each bottle opener also features a small hole at the bottom which you can use to string it to your cooler to ensure it's not stolen by who you used to think was your best friend. It's small enough to keep in your pocket for easy access during a tailgate, but large enough to make you feel like an adult.
We're going to make it a bit of a grab bag situation for these bottle openers. What you get will be a surprise. We will also be offering free domestic shipping. Order as few or as many as you like.
Length - 4 3/4"
Width - 1 1/2"
Handle Width - 1"
Trims Stamped with Gustin logo
Est. Ship February 2017
#415 BlackXBlack Rainbow Neps
#415 BlackXBlack Rainbow Neps
20% funded
12 days left
The 1968
The 1968
68% funded
3 days left
#454 Japan Classic Stretch
#454 Japan Classic Stretch
99% funded
2 days left
#67 Japan Army Selvedge Workshirt
#67 Japan Army Selvedge Workshirt
63% funded
10 days left