Japan Two-Tone Wool Scarf - Sea Blue
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Beautiful fabric is the starting point for any great product and it could not be more true than in the case of our Japan Two-Tone Wool Scarf.
The true beauty of this scarf starts with it’s unique combination of raw materials. Using a hybrid blend of cotton and wool from both Uruguay and Australia, this scarf is expertly loomed in Japan producing the softest wool scarf we’ve ever offered. Only 4 tons of this blend is produced each year with the wool from Uruguay giving the yarns a solid tensile strength, while the super fine Australian wool brings a luxurious finish. This hybrid blend results in a hand feel as soft as cashmere, but with a bulkier weight that will bring you supreme comfort even in the coldest days of winter.
The scarf features a two-tone colorway, one side a deep sea blue and the other side white. The interplay of colors along with its 80 inch length gives you multiple styling options to complement a handsome winter look.
Fit 80" X 15''
Fabric Cotton/Wool Blend
Made in Japan
Est. Ship December / January