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Good things happen when we take stellar twills from our favorite American mill and pair them with our athletic inspired jogger. It's a unique combination of traditional fabric with a versatile garment style and it works. Sewn right in the USA and offered at a superb value - the Cone Mills Jogger - IndigoXIndigo.
As we explore the world of joggers, we have found ourselves focusing on a combination that others don't usually offer. Joggers tend to be paired with technical fabrics. We usually like going in a different direction by using traditional fabrics with the easy going jogger style. This gets you a slightly more refined look in a comfortable package. These versions really drive the point home. Each starts with a solid, beautifully saturated 100% cotton twill from our friends at Cone Mills. This double indigo version is supremely inky and rich. The 8 ounce weight is solid but usable on day one. Versatility and usability is really what the jogger style dials way up. 
Sometimes we yield to comfort. Maybe it’s just a really hot day and you want something easy and breathable. Maybe it’s a hike. Maybe you’re finally getting around to the list of things you’ve put off for 6 months that always end up being harder than you thought. Maybe you just want sheer comfort. That’s when we reach for joggers. The combination of casual and formal blends together perfectly to create a pant you can relax in and actually venture out in. The casual comes from the elastic waistband and cuffs, lending both informality and ease. No belts, no worries about exact waist size. They move to accommodate you. Against that casual backdrop come more refined touches such as the slash front pockets and one welt back pocket. Fabric adds more character and versatility, in this case our favorite linen chambray. Big texture and rich color.
Fabric 100% Cotton, 8oz
Finish Washed, Tonal Stitching
Made in USA
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Est. Ship June / July 2023
gustin #203 rustic slub linen 5 pocket
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