#1 Selvedge Wabash Vest

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Formal styling roots, a perfectly tailored fit and rugged workwear fabrics - this combination is what defines the Gustin Vest. We're leading off with a true workwear icon - The Selvedge Wabash Vest. Sewn right in the USA and offered at a value you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.
A vest is an historic piece, at first an integral piece of formal wear. It's popularity declined as two piece suiting won favor, but it never went away. Today it can take on a new personality as the perfect counterpoint to raw selvedge denim, the ideal way to lend a bit of formality to an otherwise rugged look. We start with a perfectly tailored fit, close to the body for a clean look. A single breast defines the front, while 4 patch pockets lend a touch of ruggedness and a nod to classic denim styling. Pointed front hems create a sharp finish, while a buckle back allows you to adjust fit further. Sewing is intricate with clean finishing throughout, even down to the interior hems, which are bound with black herringbone. Selvedge styles like this one get treated to a center back seam with selvedge running the entire length.
We couldn't think of a better fabric introduction than this classic selvedge Wabash. Wabash fabric has a long workwear history that dates back to the 1800's. The hallmark is the printed dot pattern, usually in contrasting color to the base fabric. What was once designed as a purely rugged piece takes on a new level of beauty in this masterful recreation. The base fabric is a tightly woven, selvedge twill in a solid 10 ounce weight. Both warp and weft are colored to a bright inky blue. It's a few shades lighter than a traditional dark indigo and much more vibrant. Finally the traditional dot pattern is printed on the surface. It brightly contrasts the deep blue base. From a far it looks like a pinstripe, but up close you see the individual dots.
#1, 100% Cotton, 10oz, Red ID
Custom Gustin hardware
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made in usa
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"This salt & pepper plaid shirt is **** awesome. Fit, feel, and look are amazing! Best looking shirt I own. My wife gave me “the eye” when I walked into the kitchen wearing it. Thanks for making it!"
-Scott L. | Verified Buyer
"My 1968s came in the mail yesterday…They're amazing! From the fit (thank you for all the hand-holding!) to the detailing, I'm blown away. Just tremendous quality at any price point, but the value here is off the charts."
-Scott S. | Verified Buyer
"Your great quality product and customer service are reasons I've been a long time customer and will continue to do so."
-Sean S. | Verified Buyer
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