#420 Japan Wood Brown

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A beautiful light brown color, subtle slub yarns, perfect 12 ounce weight and a bold selvedge ID -- meet the Japan Wood Brown, your new blue denim alternative.
Keeping a true raw denim look while incorporating a totally unexpected color. That's what we love about this unusual denim from Japan. The foundation is classic selvedge denim. It's nicely starched for a crisp feel. A white weft makes for a classic composition. Slubby yarns lend an additional depth and texture to the surface, and the 13 ounce weight hits the sweet spot. The earthy and bright wood brown warp transforms this denim. It's lively and new and serves dial up the classic raw denim base. A bold yellow selvedge ID is the only fitting way to finish this style off. 
This is the same style and quality that was sold in boutiques all over the country for $205+.
*Note unlike most brands we don't use vanity sizing for our pants. If you're a first time customer we highly recommend checking out our fit guide.
Fit Available in our Straight, Slim and Skinny fits.
Fabric #420 Japan Selvedge, 100% Cotton, 12oz, Yellow ID
Finish Raw, Tonal Stitching, Brown Patch
Trims Custom hardware, hand stamped leather patch
Made in California
Fit guide Click here for our fit guide.
Est. Ship February / March 2020