#434 Postal Blue Super Nep

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There is selvedge denim and then there is selvedge denim like this. The Postal Blue Super Nep takes the form to a new level of intricacy and character. It's the kind of denim we graduate to after we get the basics covered. Vintage indigo color and an organically irregular neppy surface produce a true fabric work of art.
If on the rare instance, we see someone wearing a pair of denim with this level of character, we're always tempted to give them a subtle nod. Obviously, we have an unusual denim obsession, but it's just an acknowledgment of another individual who has gone deep into this rare fabric world. You just don't find selvedge like this around much. Most mills strive for uniformity and stick to the dark indigo basics. Fortunately, Japan relishes the wonder of a more uncontrolled product. This one immediately catches your eye with color. The best way to describe it is to think of vintage postal blue. It's a number of shades lighter than a traditional dark indigo and has a subtle vintage cast. The fabric is absolutely transformed by the neppy surface. Each pant will be entirely unique, dotted with irregular puffs of white, as the balled up fibers protrude form the surface. The pops of white brighten up the entire surface. Rounding out the package is a nicely wearable 11-ounce weight that's balanced by a crisp raw feel. A thick wide ID finished it off. The Postal Blue Super Nep is destined to be one of the sweetest pairs in your selvedge collection.
Choose either our classic straight, slim or skinny fit. More details available on our fit guide.
Available in our Straight, Slim and Skinny fits.
#434 100% Cotton, 11oz, White ID
Raw, Contrast Stitching, Brown Patch
Custom hardware, hand stamped leather patch
Made in
made in usa
Fit guide
What is selvedge denim? Read more on our blog.
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