Indigo Dye Rugby Sweatshirt

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Proudly made at our factory in the United States.
made in usa
A unique combination of beautiful fabric, retro Rugby styling and functional sweatshirt roots. Sewn right in the USA at a serious value - this in the new Indigo Dyed Rugby Sweatshirt.
Combining three things we love into a single garment is a fun challenge. We like the result. It starts with fabric. Outside of denim, indigo dyed fabric is rare. We've found the rarest to be knits. This impossibly deep, inky indigo French Terry is a stunner. You just don't get color like this unless it's indigo. With time, it will evolve and age like your best pair of raw denim. The color will soften around the hems first as it takes on a wear pattern unique to you. We've used it on our standard sweatshirt and it we continue to get emails about how much people love it. Next comes the retro Rugby vibe in the form of the iconic woven collar. It must be in high-contrast, pure white of course. Vintage sporting style. Finally the core sweatshirt shape with kangaroo pocket for comfort and practicality.
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100% Cotton, 14oz
Garment washed
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made in usa
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