Japan Raglan T-Shirt - Navy

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The iconic Raglan T-Shirt gets paired with a luxurious specialty knit from Japan to launch our updated take a classic athletic inspired style. These are the new Japan Raglan T-Shirts.
You know it when see it. Instantly recognizable, always classic, the Raglan T-Shirt. The raglan sleeve was originally designed for function. By joining directly to the collar it enhances shoulder and arm mobility. That's likely why it was adopted as an athletic staple, very notably in baseball uniforms. The style has now crept into the casual world. We honor and retain all the right details in our version. We opted for a sharp, straight line angle for our raglan sleeve giving the entire garment a clean, modern aesthetic. A bound collar defines the neckline. The fit hits the sweetspot - not too tight, not too loose. 
Now comes a truly special fabric from Japan. We wanted something with heft beyond a jersey knit that also had pure comfort. We found the perfect match in this baby loop-back French Terry. Think of it as a much finer version of your favorite sweatshirt fabric. Heavier than a big weight jersey, but with the volume and airiness that a great terry has. It's flowingly soft. This version then layers in a special heather effect that was designed to create an organic "marble" effect. Larger striations of subtle highs-and-lows in color mimic the look you see in marble. This enhances the rich base color. It's just a stunner fabric with real usability and luxury.
Please note this garment is dyed in small batches. Color variations are to be expected and can vary in tone or hue from batch to batch.
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100% Cotton, 8oz
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made in usa
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