Overdye Indigo Stripe Pocket T-Shirt - Forest

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How can you make a classic knit even better? Use indigo dye, bathe the entire garment in a color bath and offer it at a huge value. That's what we have for you today in our new Overdye Indigo Stripe Pocket T-Shirt.
We start with our classic crewneck T-shirt shape. The fit and all the details are dialed in. A chest pocket with a button closure adds a touch of old school detail. It's a base you can feel comfortable in instantly.
The fabric makes this style special. 100% cotton yarns receive our favorite dye - indigo. Yarn dyed indigo gets paired with crisp white to form a classic stripe. We then give the completed garment a bath in a fresh color. The white gets tinted with this new color to change the look. Indigo means each garment will evolve and age like your best pair of raw denim. The blue will soften with wear and time as it becomes unique to you.
Please note this garment is dyed in small batches. Color variations are to be expected and can vary in tone or hue from batch to batch.
Crew Neck
100% Cotton, 8oz
Made in
made in usa
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"This salt & pepper plaid shirt is **** awesome. Fit, feel, and look are amazing! Best looking shirt I own. My wife gave me “the eye” when I walked into the kitchen wearing it. Thanks for making it!"
-Scott L.
Verified Buyer
"Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure that the pant fits me right. Can't thank you enough. This is what makes Gustin stand a part."
-Lauren C.
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"So grateful for this brand! Love the fit, finish, and quality of everything I've ever bought from here. Moreover, the pricing enables people like me to have access to quality goods which are often outside of the reach of the most working people."
-Joshua C.
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