#770 Double Indigo Selvedge Chambray

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If red isn't your preferred selvedge chambray color, today we have the answer in the form of a beautifully saturated double indigo version from Japan. Even better, we're offering the same impressive $89 value as the red version. Meet the Double Indigo Selvedge Chambray.
Double indigo weaves are simply some of the most beautiful fabrics we find. The indigo dye results in colors no other dye can produce and having that dye deployed in both warp and weft is the perfect showcase. That's what this shirt does so well. The classic chambray composition gets treated to a double dose of bright indigo dye. Saturated, bright, impossibly inky blue is the result.  At 5 ounces, it's the sweetspot for weight that makes it usable all year. Flowing and pliable it breathes well and molds gently to your body. The tight weave and slub yarns give it a fine grain that makes gives this styles rugged origins a bit of refinement. At $89, it's the best value we've offered.
This shirt is sewn up in our Classic Style. We spent the most time really making a true improvement to fit. The best way to put it is that our updated fit simply feels more organic. There is a much more sophisticated and natural shape to the entire body, from shoulders to chest to waist that better matches the natural curve of the the human form. We’ve better aligned shoulder and chest widths and given the bottom hem only a subtle curve, striking an improved balance between tucking and untucking ability. The improved fit is something you notice the instant you put this new shirt on. It just flows with the body better and feels better on. We also believe this fit is more universal. It’s taking the place of slim and classic fits . . . this is now our best fit.
We made two key upgrades to the details while preserving the classic style we all love. The first is button placement on the placket. Most people are wearing these shirts without ties and now opening that top button leaves the ideal shape. Second is a gently rounded chest pocket shape to provide a softer, more organic look. Of course, we’ve kept all the intricate construction details from the single needle work to locker loop to box pleat.
Buttons downs that are made in the USA using our quality of material and construction are typically priced at $175 to $300. The Gustin model, with your support, lets us do much better.
Fabric #770 100% Cotton, 5oz
Finish Pre-washed
Trims Mother of pearl buttons, custom Gustin label
Made in California
Fit guide Click here for our fit guide.
Est. Ship September / October 2020
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