Super Heavy Slub High Top

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What else would you expect from a company obsessed with the best selvedge denim in the world? We had to use it in our classic sneaker shape to create one of the most unique shoes you'll ever own. Italian craftsmanship meets huge texture Japanese selvedge denim in these new Super Heavy Slub High Tops. Today we're offering it at one of our best high top values yet.
It starts with one of the biggest weight, high texture selvedge denims we've ever found -- the Super Heavy Slub. A huge 18 ounce weight puts this denim firmly in the big weight class. Rope-like yarns with huge slubbiness create texture that you rarely find in any fabric. This organic irregularity helps expose the crisp white weft to brighten up the dark indigo warp. It's a selvedge denim with immense character.
When applied to our vintage high top shape it's even more impressive and rare. We incorporate the selvedge into the heel strip on both left and right shoes for a special touch. The sneaker is lined with tan leather to provide additional support and a beautiful contrast of texture and color. To make sure the denim will not fray over time, leather reinforcement is sewn along the ankle collar and eyerow. Tonal stitching gives the upper a stealthy look, while the cream colored Margom sole complements the dark denim. This is a one of a kind high top you won't see anyone else wearing.
The Gustin high top pays homage to the now classic sneakers we grew up wearing. Take one look at the shape of our high top and you know it captures everything perfectly — from the extremely low profile toe box, to the ultra clean stitch lines, to the absence of any extraneous materials. Beauty is in the small details such as the way the top of the ankle gently swoops up at the back, the tight arc of the stitching on the heel counter, the perfect diameter of the eyelets. Our styling truly captures what we loved about our old sneakers, now done the right way.
Our sneakers are constructed by hand in the Tuscany region of Italy by a group of craftsmen who have been making shoes since 1901. They have perfected their craft to the point where the industry's biggest and best names, including Lanvin, use them for production. Single needle stitching is used to construct the uppers. Black leather reinforcement is sewn along the ankle collar and eyerow to prevent the denim from fraying. Custom lasting creates the unique Gustin shape. An Italian-made Margom rubber sole is cemented internally and reinforced with 360° stitching to the upper. A leather-lined removable footbed is embossed with the Gustin logo. These are time honored techniques taken to the highest level.
Sneakers made in Italy to our quality level, that finally get the styling right and that use only the highest quality materials carry incredibly high price points. The Gustin model allows us to offer you a radically better value.
Gustin sneakers follow European sizing and run slightly larger than some US sizes. If you typically wear a US 9 in dress shoes or boots, we recommend ordering a US 9 in these as well. If you usually wear a half-size, we would recommend you order down to the nearest whole size. If you have tried on other Margom soled sneakers, you should order the same size.
Japan Selvedge, 18oz
Japan Selvedge Upper, Margom Sole, Cotton Laces
Stamped with Gustin logo and Size
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