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Horween Leather Key Fob

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Producing all of our belts, bags and wallets leaves a lot of small pieces of leather leftover. Rather than toss it all, we've been working to come up with a way to "use the whole buffalo" - if you will. Introducing the Horween Leather Key Fob. It's simple - one piece of Horween leather. It's stamped, folded, and secured with a hand-hammered copper rivet. There's a split-ring for holding your keys.

These will be made using any of the Horween leathers we work with for out other products - generally in the black, tan and brown color families. You will be shipped a random leather.

Made by hand in the United States.

Fit Key Fob Dimensions 1.5" X 2.5"
Fabric Horween leathers - black, tan and brown
Trims Hand-hamered copper rivet and Gustin stamp
Made in USA
Shipping October 2016
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