Indigo Selvedge Chambray Scarf
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We’re excited to bring back the popular Indigo Selvedge Chambray Scarf. We have always believed that beautiful fabric is the starting point for any great product. A scarf is the perfect way for us to showcase some of the most amazing fabric we find while giving you a functional way to wear it.
This scarf uses organic selvedge chambray from one of the finest mills in Japan. We knew we needed a topnotch wearable fabric for the scarf launch. This chambray fits the bill perfectly. It's soft and just the right weight at 5.3oz. It's pretty rare to find a selvedge chambray, and finding this quality of material in an organic cotton makes it that much sweeter. It also doesn’t hurt that the deep indigo shade with amazing horizontal grain and subtle cross hatching is easy on the eyes.
Our scarf is defined by a super clean construction. We retained the selvedge on one edge and the other three sides are finished with a meticulous pearl overlock. A lot of consideration went into the dimensions and weave. We wanted to ensure it was long (70") and wide (20") to support a variety of knots and folding options. The end result is a sleek scarf that will enhance any ensemble while providing some cozy comfort on a cold winter night.
Fit 70" X 20''
Fabric #1 Japan Chambray, 5.3oz, Red ID
Finish Pre-washed, Contrast Stitching
Trims Gustin logo label
Made in USA
Est. Ship January 2017
The 1968
The 1968
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