Japan Indigo Hand Dyed Selvedge Scarf
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True handcrafted art from Japan. Our Japan Hand Dyed Selvedge Scarves deliver meticulous craftsmanship, old world techniques and rare dyes to create a scarf unlike any other you'll encounter. 
Before the looming process begins, yarns are hand dyed, giving each strand a deep and rich color. The use of real indigo and persimmon creates a richness of color that's just plain beautiful and and something that can't be replicated with synthetic dyes.
The scarves are 100% cotton and loomed with a combination of Supima 60/2 Z twist and 40/2 S twist yarns giving the scarf a special weaving effect and a luxurious hand feel. They are light and gauzy, but will keep you warm with their natural volume. The edges are finished by hand with a selvedge edge on each side. 
A 70" length and 24" width supports a variety of knots and folding options.
Fit 70" X 24''
Fabric 100% Cotton, Indigo Selvedge ID
Made in Japan
Est. Ship November 2021