The Horween Tote - Natural Essex
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The Horween Tote is intended to be the perfect unisex bag. Clean and functional. You can use it as a work bag with your laptop, a bag for a farmers market run or a weekend getaway bag.
For this bag we're using natural Essex leather which is one of the most supple vegetable tanned leathers we use. What we love most about Essex is its ability to take on a patina. Though the bag starts off very light in color, over time the leather will turn a gorgeous golden brown. Exposure to the sun, oils from your hands and potentially even some indigo from you denim will all contribute to making this bag a piece that will be unique to you.
The main body is open, giving the bag ample storage. The veg tan horsehide leather straps are designed to be just the right length so they can work in your hand or over your shoulder offering you various carrying options. There's a single pocket on the inside made from the same Chromexcel #8 leather which is secured along with the straps by hand-pounded industrial copper rivets.
Please note this leather does start very light and the length of time required to turn the leather into a golden brown will depend on how much use it gets. To speed up the process a bit you can oil the leather or even just leave it out in the sun to tan, making sure that all sides of the bag get equal exposure.
Made in the USA.
Fit 15" wide x 6" deep x 15" tall, 9.5" tall handles
Fabric Horween Natural Essex leather, veg tan horsehide handles
Trims Copper Rivets
Made in USA
Est. Ship October 2019
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