Japan Moss Stitch Socks (Navy, Sky)

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The classic moss stitch is paired with varying styles of rib in a beautiful blue color palette to create a vintage sock born to pair with raw denim. Crafted on vintage machines in Japan and offered at a true value, these are the Japan Moss Stitch Socks.
Our socks are knitted by vintage Japanese machines that were built in the 1970's. While these are not the most efficient machines, they are uniquely capable of producing thick and durable socks that you just cannot find anywhere else. The cuffs are designed to fit snugly and stay in place. The heel and toe are reinforced to ensure comfort and durability. Each sock in this pack features a classic moss stitch and layers in ribbing and a tight zigzag to create a tapestry of texture.  The color is about blue - an inky bright navy and a beautiful sky that shows a subtle heather effect. Nothing better to pair with denim.
Our socks are only available in one size. They fit sizes 8-12.
Fit Crew Cuff - 8" cuff height
Fabric A90C/PU10, Japan
Finish Pre-washed
Made in Japan
Est. Ship February 2022
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