Japan No Show Sock 4Pk

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We all need it in our rotation so it may as well use stellar material, function design and great colors. Crafted in Japan, these are the Japan No Show socks. Get the 4 pack at one of our best sock values ever.
The functionality is undeniable, which is probably why the no show sock still goes strong. A simple barrier between foot and shoe. When fitted properly, made with fine material and touched with a bit of style, the no show is a useful tool we all need. These styles from Japan nail all the elements. A light weight cotton blend lends a fine, natural feel that makes them fade away when on. No bulk. A refined shape with printed inside heel grip keeps them in place all day. The lively color combinations add style, even if just for you to enjoy when you reach for them in the morning. Simple, well made socks at a superb value. Enjoy.
Our socks are only available in one size. They fit sizes 8-12.
Fit No Show Sock
Fabric Cotton blend (80C/20P)
Made in Japan
Est. Ship September 2021
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