Japan Rainbow Nep Sock 2 Pack

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A classic dialed up with neps exploding throughout the surface. Meet the new Japan Rainbow Nep Socks.
Our socks are knitted by vintage Japanese machines that were built in the 1970's. While these are not the most efficient machines, they are uniquely capable of producing thick and durable socks that you just cannot find anywhere else. The heel and toe are reinforced to ensure comfort and durability.
This style starts with extra plush, blended yarn. Extremely soft, these socks improve with time and offer just the right level of cushion. Base colors are timeless and deep navy and charcoal. Now comes the fun part. Nep yarns are deployed to create a true exploding tapestry of color organically sprinkled through the surface of these socks. Navy gets neps in red, blue, white and gold. Charcoal is heavy with cobalt blue neps and sprinkling of rusty brown and white. The package remains nicely understated and versatile.
Our socks are only available in one size. They fit sizes 8-12.
Fit Crew Cuff - 10" cuff height
Fabric A60/W20/E10, Japan
Made in Japan
Est. Ship May 2022
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