Shawl Cardigan - Charcoal Merino Wool

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New for this season, the Gustin Shawl Cardigan. At about two pounds in weight, this heavy cardigan sweater is made from extra fine Italian merino wool that is both incredibly soft and warm. This is an iconic garment that you can dress up with an oxford and chinos, or dress down with your favorite jeans and t-shirt.
Not all wool is created equal and we knew we had to find the best. We opted for an Italian Merino which is prized for a non-scratchy finish and the ability to retain heat without being too warm. Our 19.5 micron merino wool qualifies as extra fine and has the softest hand we've felt with a flexibility and durability perfect for the coming seasons. 
The fit and silhouette is really where this garment comes to life. The shawl collar is knit using a contrast knit pattern giving the collar a robust look without being overwhelming. The shoulders are fitted, the waist is drawn-in and the length rests just below the waist line, resulting in a clean and tailored look.
Our sweaters are fabricated by one of America’s most renowned knitters using Stoll knitting machines. Each sweater is fully-fashioned and knit component by component; back, front, and sleeves. The pieces are then sewn together for a clean finish inside and out. For these sweaters we’re using a 7 gauge rib stitch which yields a very heavy garment. Unfortunately, there is not an image that conveys how robust this sweater is in person. When you pick it up, you instantly sense the weight and sturdiness. This sweater has a simple elegance that can only be achieved by the kind of craftsmen we worked with in creating this piece.
Shawl Cardigan
100% Merino Wool
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made in usa
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