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Rugged. Honest. Authentic. The trucker jacket is a versatile, compact design that has been visual shorthand for “tough and cool” for over fifty years. Think of all the leading men you've seen wear one and the roles they played in them—Newman. Redford. McQueen.

We've updated it a little since the late 60s, as things like having a widened interior chest pocket to accommodate a smartphone weren't as much of a concern back then. You'll also find a more tailored and dialed-in modern fit.

Eminently wearable across seasons and sewn from tough and durable materials such as waxed canvas, wool, linen or cordura, the trucker jacket has easy style bleeding out of every seam. It'll look great buttoned, unbuttoned, cuffed, uncuffed, layered, or even just draped over a chair.

A straight-up American classic from Type III to 2023, the Gustin trucker jacket can and will travel wherever it is the road takes you.

gustin trucker jacket waxed brown
Trucker Jacket Waxed Brown
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