Field Jacket - Indigo Dyed Moleskin - Pumice Wash

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made in usa
This may be the most beautiful Field Jacket we've ever made. It struck us to the point where we just needed to show it to you in full garment form for it to really sink in. The color is simply arresting. The fabric incredibly rare and the finish is really sets this jacket apart.
If there is one thing I will claim of myself, it's that I'm rarely at a loss for words over a fabric or a garment. Conveying the story and personality of a fabric is really at the core of our company. This new indigo dyed moleskin from Japan is something we simply needed to show you in full form. It starts with one of our favorite fabrics. Moleskin has a deep history and its story is one of function and authenticity. This was a fabric designed for comfort and durability from day one. It was originally sewn into everything from work pants to military uniforms, where true utility was a must. This 12 ounce version manages to combine a luxurious feel with true ruggedness. 
Color is what makes this fabric so stunning. We've washed these jackets with pumice to bring out the rich highs and lows of indigo. There is nothing that matches the brightness and life of indigo dye, and this moleskin has it. Moleskin is already a rare style, and finding an indigo dyed version is truly something special. The base is an incredibly rich, bright indigo. We give the entire garment a light rinse to really make it come to life. The indigo begins to lighten around the seams and hems, giving you a subtle hint of the gorgeous aging you'll get from this jacket. All that's left is to wear it well and make it your own.
Fit and construction both lend our field jacket its unique style. You’ll notice the care and attention to detail throughout this jacket. Defining the overall spirit of the jacket is the large stand collar that flows down into a nicely drawn-in waist, giving our jacket it’s iconic look while making it clean and well tailored. Four large snap closed cargo pockets sit on the front body, two on the chest, two above the bottom hem. All are sized to be functional while staying true to this jacket’s roots. We spent a lot of time on the small details on this jacket that really make it special when you put it on each day. A perfect example are the cuffs. Intricately constructed, they can be secured in two positions with custom Gustin hardware via a triangular tab. Instead of a simple cuff slit, we sew in a gusset, which makes going unbuttoned at the cuff a beautiful option as well. Another special detail is the main body closure. You get a large YKK zipper along with button closures, that when used, are nicely concealed under a placket to keep the front clean. Huge bar tacks provide separation and reinforcement along the placket. Inside side seams are clean finished with chambray binding while an inside chest pocket is sewn in for additional storage.
Jackets like ours that are made in the USA using our quality of material and construction are typically priced at $260 or higher. The efficiency of the Gustin model, with your support, lets us do much better.
Japan Indigo Dye Cotton, 12oz
Pumice Washed
Custom Gustin hardware, YKK zipper, snaps
Made in
made in usa
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