Japan Vintage Jacquard Sock 2PK
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The Japan Vintage Jacquard socks are all about lively pattern, texture and color. From afar, the socks look simple, but upon closer inspection, you can see that the design and construction are full of thought and precision. From vertical channels to zigzags to checks these socks bring together multiple designs to create a varied whole. Each pattern has a beautifully raised feel that gives them wonderful texture. A wide range of earthy colors manages to all work harmoniously together to create a fun color palette. 
The ideal sock to let peak out of or your raw selvedge denim or classic chinos at a big value.
Quality socks made with these materials are typically priced at over $30 each. The Gustin model allows us to offer you a radically better value.
Our socks are only available in one size. They fit sizes 8-12.
Fit Crew Cuff - 8" cuff height
Fabric Cotton 59%,Polyester 30%,Nylon 11%,Polyurethane 3%
Made in Japan
Est. Ship April 2021
#75 Okayama Standard Workshirt
#75 Okayama Standard Workshirt
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#7 The Regular
#7 The Regular
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Waffle Crewneck - Saffron
Waffle Crewneck - Saffron
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