Crosshatch Twill SS Western Shirt

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Meet the Gustin Short Sleeve Western Shirt - an iconic style rooted in American heritage, lending itself perfectly to classic colors and lighter weight fabrics from chambrays, plaids and twills. Now we have the perfect summer version for you.
This style uses cotton twill cloth from one of the finest mills in Japan. We wanted to offer up one of our favorite twills in this short sleeve version, something that will be perfect for the summer months. Some fabrics you touch and just want to own. That's when we know we have to grab it and offer it to you. Soft is an understatement. You put this shirt on and it just feels like it's part of your body, like you could sleep in it. A very prominent crosshatch grain is visible and adds tremendous life to the garment. A pure blue shade, this color goes with everything. This is just super wearable twill at an amazing price.
Styling details drive this classic style’s more casual appeal. Original western front and back yoke details, quintessential traits of a western shirt. A no-button collar that’s perfectly sized to sit well. Two chest pockets with flaps and secured with natural shell snaps. We spared no expense on the snaps, aside from the yokes, the snaps are what make a western shirt - the shell is marbled white and yellow and they are encased in brass. A very gently scooped bottom hem that works wonderfully un-tucked or tucked, if that's your thing. Extensive single needle stitching is used throughout. The front placket is also pleated, made the right way, using a true two piece construction. The feel is more substantial and the effort higher, but it's the right way. We keep the basic core fit specs of our classic or slim fits so you can easily order the same size you wear in our Classic Button Down.
Button downs that are made in the USA using our quality of material and construction are typically priced at $175 to $300. The Gustin model, with your support, lets us do much better.
Fit Available in our Classic and Slim Fits
Fabric Crosshatch Twill, 5oz
Finish Pre-washed
Trims Natural Shell Snaps, custom Gustin label
Made in California
Fit guide Click here for our fit guide.
Est. Ship August 2016
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