Black Friday Mystery Simple Wallet
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100% funded
We've been making simple wallets for ourselves for a while now. They started out as two pieces of leather or denim sewn together, and have evolved over time.
For Black Friday this year, you get one of these. We choose the leather, you'll be delighted. $15 each, with free domestic shipping. Please note, since we do not have a "cart" for items, simply back this campaign multiple times if you want to purchase more than one simple wallet.
Made by hand in California
4" x 2.25" x 0.2"
Fabric Full grain leather
Trims Stamped with Gustin logo
Made in USA
Est. Ship January 2017
The 1968
The 1968
55% funded
8 days left
#184 Japan GreyXBlack
#184 Japan GreyXBlack
71% funded
2 days left
Coffee Navy & White Check
Coffee Navy & White Check
40% funded
11 days left
#75 Okayama Standard
#75 Okayama Standard
90% funded
3 days left