Selvedge Denim Cardholder - Fits up to 25 business cards

Selvedge Denim Cardholder

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We've been these most simple of simple wallets for ourselves for a while now. Enough people have emailed in and asked us for them, that we're finally making them available. They're super simple - two pieces of our selvedge denim, with a Gustin label.

They're perfect for a minimalist wallet, for holding your extra credit cards, or to ferry around your business cards. Best of yet, they're comfortable with just a couple items in them, or can easily be stuffed full.

For this run we're using a various Cone denims. Though you won't have a choice in what you get, we know you'll receive something you'll love.

Made by hand in California

3.8"x 2.3"

These ship USPS first class, with no tracking information provided.

Fabric One of our Cone selvedge denims
Made in USA
Shipping May / June 2018
Gustin logo

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