#1062 Monster Rope Shirt - Blue

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made in usa
Monster weight, huge ropey yarns and a loose weave create a rare combination of heft and comfort. These are the Monster Rope Shirts.
Huge weight and equally big comfort are rarely found in the same garment. We occasionally find these gems. Today we found one for you in shirt form. Monster weight - yes, 13 ounces, one of our heaviest shirting styles. Building that heft are huge rope-like yarns woven in a style that looks hand-made. You see and feel the amazing texture these big yarns add. Not only is the yarn huge, but it's also luxuriously soft and uses a very loose, open weave. That technique allows the fabric to flow and drape beautifully. It's comfort on day one. Not to be left unmentioned are the great, vibrant colors. This is a unique shirt from feel to style.
This shirt is sewn up in our new Rugged style. It's designed to be the perfect style for the heavier, more rustic fabrics we run. It's a bit more casual, without being over the top. This style is really set off by two key design cues: a perfectly sized collar without buttons and two clean button closures, and rounded chest pockets. These two elements lend the style a more casual look while their clean implementation keeps the shirt versatile. A simpler back yoke replaces the box pleat and locker loop of our Classic style. Intricate stitching tacks down the collar stand. The Rugged style inherits the same core fit block from the updated Classic style. The moment we sewed up some flannels and heavy jacquards in this style we knew it was right.
Buttons downs that are made in the USA using our quality of material and construction are typically priced at $175 to $300. The Gustin model, with your support, lets us do much better.
#1062, 100% Cotton, 13oz
Mother of pearl buttons, custom Gustin label
Made in
made in usa
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