#171 Japan One Six Workshirt

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made in usa
This item is estimated to ship in May / June 2024.
A perfect example of the type of selvedge that inspired us 15 years ago to start Gustin. This one is for the selvedge purist in all of us and for those who seek a true Workshirt worth the effort. Take the challenge - the Japan One Six Workshirt.
For those of us who love raw selvedge denim, we know it's not about the path of least resistance. Raw denim takes effort, and sometimes a bit of suffering. We do it because we know the work will result in a thing of beauty. A garment, completely unique to you. A reflection of each wear, each spill, each crease, each thing you do in it. We ran the denim in pant form but knew the Workshirt option was a must.
When we think of authentic raw selvedge denim, here is what we picture: heavy, starchy, dark indigo warp, crisp white weft. Instantly recognizable, slightly daunting at the start as it molds to your body. A true labor of love that, with real investment, will become a work of fabric art that's unique to you. It's gold-standard raw selvedge denim at a serious value. 16 ounces of top quality selvedge from Japan. It's dense and heavily starched. The warp, pure dark indigo. The weft is crisp white. You have the vintage cross-hatch grain, promising great fades to come, and allowing the white weft to show through. Nothing else would do but a classic red ID finish. This is what Japan does so well. It's not showy. It's about creating lasting quality by considering the smallest details and getting them all right.
Several construction details define our workshirt. The first is ample triple needlework with a classic chain stitch runoff. Triple needle is a specialized stitch not found on standard button downs and that serves as the heart of any good work shirt. Ours gets triple need flat felled yoke and side seams with chain stitched bottoms. We also allow the side seam chain stitch to “run off” the end giving you three chain stitch ends on each side. We bar tack to ensure the runoff can’t compromise the security of the side seam. The second detail is double chest pockets. We keep ours a bit cleaner, without flaps, but use button closures and double bar tacks in each corner for added strength. The left chest pocket gets the addition of a small pen slot. The third detail is the side hem gussets. It’s a small functional element and looks great. On our selvedge styles, we incorporate the selvedge on the bottom. Finally, we love the chin strap. Ours is small enough to be tasteful while still reminding you of the workwear roots of the garment. We created custom Corozo buttons specifically for our work shirts. They’re a deep navy shade with a slightly domed top and two holes for securing. Overall, this is one of our most intricately constructed garments and one of the most costly to produce.
Our workshirts are available in our Classic and Slim fits. The main differences in details between our workshirts and our other shirting come down to construction - no back box pleat, and differently shaped side scoops. The Slim fit has a more tailored body as compared to our Classic fit. Chest and waist come in to provide a more fitted option. Details are in our fit guide.
Available in our classic and slim fits
#171, 100% Cotton, 16oz, Red ID
Raw, Tonal Stitching
Custom Corozo buttons, Gustin logo label
Made in
made in usa
Fit guide
Est. Ship
May / June 2024
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