Heavyweight T-Shirts

Welcome to Gustin's collection of Heavyweight T-Shirts. Each piece in our collection is a testament to superior quality, local craftsmanship, and a unique business model that puts you, our customer, at the center. As pioneers of the crowdsourced business model in the fashion industry, we believe in creating products that our customers truly want. By funding the designs you love, you help us bring these exceptional pieces to life.

Our commitment to quality and local craftsmanship shines through in our Heavyweight T-Shirts. The fabric for these tees is knitted right here in California, embodying the spirit of our Golden State. We're proud to support local industries and uphold high standards of manufacturing, ensuring that every stitch and seam is expertly handled for a flawless finish.

What sets our Heavyweight T-Shirts apart is the garment dyeing process. This technique not only enhances the color richness and longevity but also adds a unique character to each tee, making it truly one of a kind. Cut, sewn, and dyed in California, these tees embody the essence of Gustin - superior craftsmanship, local production, and a product that's truly made for you.

gustin heavyweight indigo dye t-shirt 2 pack
Heavyweight Indigo Dye T-Shirt 2 Pack
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about 13 hours left
gustin heavyweight t-shirt 3 pack ocean collection
Heavyweight T-Shirt 3 Pack Ocean Collection
4% funded
8 days left
gustin navy heavyweight t-shirt 2 pack
Navy Heavyweight T-Shirt 2 Pack
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ready to ship.
gustin black heavyweight t-shirt 2 pack
Black Heavyweight T-Shirt 2 Pack
Campaign sold out
gustin heavyweight t-shirt black fade collection
Heavyweight T-Shirt Black Fade Collection
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gustin white heavyweight t-shirt 2 pack
White Heavyweight T-Shirt 2 Pack
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