Japan Blues Sock 3 Pack

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When one of the most renowned sock factories in Japan asks if you want to produce another round of socks with them how can you resist?
Our socks are woven by vintage Japanese machines that were built in the 1970's. While these are not the most efficient machines, they are uniquely capable of producing thick and durable socks that you just cannot find anywhere else. 60 needle point construction provides the highest knit density while maintaining a plush feel. The cuffs are designed to fit snugly and stay in place. The heel and toe are reinforced to ensure comfort and durability. Overall, you will find that our socks provide a firm but flexible fit.
Each sock within this 3-pack has an intricate pattern and a different shade of blue. One sock has a checkered pattern and is distinguished by bright indigo stripes and dark indigo squares. The most interesting sock in the pack has an abstract jacquard-knit. It starts with a base made up of grey and white yarns. A dark navy pattern contrasts the light base and creates some amazing highs and lows. The trio is completed with a light heather grey sock with playful royal blue lines. The textural element of all three pairs is what really make them interesting. They have a soft hand, but the criss-crossing yarns create a lofty surface.
Quality socks made with these materials are typically priced at over $25 each. The Gustin model allows us to offer you a radically better value.
Our socks are only available in one size. They fit sizes 8-12.
Fit Crew Cuff - 8" cuff height
Fabric 94% Cotton, 6% Polyester, Japan
Finish Pre-washed
Made in Japan
Est. Ship May 2016
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