Folded Cardholder - Veg Tan
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If you spend any time in the fashion industry (we're coming up on our tenth year), you'll quickly learn that people have strong opinions about the things they use every day - their jeans, their boots, their wallets. We realize that there's not a perfect wallet to satisfy everyone, so we've spent the last couple of years designing a full line. If you're on the lookout for something a little different, this could be your ticket.
Like all of our products, we start here with the best materials. We're using Hermann Oak's 4oz natural vegetable tanned full grain leather. We love this leather because it starts a light tan, but will age into a dark brown (and even pick up some of the indigo from your denim) as you use it.
The leather pieces are hand-cut and sewn in our shop in the USA. The edges are burnished with beeswax, like on our belts. We use natural white thread that contrasts nicely against the richly-tanned leather. The finishing touch is the Gustin branding on the inside.
The end result is a simple design with two easy to access slots (one per side). It's light with plenty of storage space for your photo id, credit cards, business cards and cash. When folded up it fits perfectly in any pocket.
Made in the USA.
Measures 4" x 2.5" closed
Finish Nartural vegetable tanned full grain leather, natural stitching
Trims Hand stamped with "G" logo
Made in USA
Est. Ship April 2015
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#530 NavyXTitanium
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