Cone Mills Selvedge Denim Jeans

We proudly present our signature collection of men's selvedge jeans, sewn in California using the legendary denim of Cone Mills.

Our ethos at Gustin is simple - unparalleled quality mixed with timeless style, made in the USA. These jeans embody our philosophy, meticulously designed and crafted with beautiful precision. We use selvedge denim sourced directly from the iconic Cone Mills - a name synonymous with exceptional textile heritage and an unbeatable knack for denim production. Their unmatched quality, resilience, and timeless charm set Cone Mills apart in the denim world.

Cone Mills was originally established in 1891 by immigrant brothers Moses and Caesar Cone as a textile manufacturing plant. They acted as the marketing agency for 90% of southern mill owners and saved many failing cotton mills at the time. The Cone brothers’ first mill, Proximity Cotton Mills, was created to weave denim in close “proximity” to the cotton gins, cotton fields, and rail lines.

As the world's demand for denim kept growing, the Cone brothers began another mill to help with the supply, White Oak, named for a 200-year-old tree that stood on the property, in Greensboro, North Carolina. White Oak opened its doors in 1905 and soon after became the largest denim mill in the world. By 1910, White Oak was supplying a third of the world's denim demand. In 1915, Cone began its partnership with Levi Strauss as their sole supplier.

Antique shuttle looms create one of White Oak denim’s most distinctive characteristics: the slubs resulting from low-tech yarn spinning. You will find a certain “neppy” quality in the material. We value and appreciate the distinct features and handcrafted details that are evident in our denim. These aspects highlight the unmistakable touch of our talented artisans, creating individuality and uniqueness in each piece. We take pride in these inherent characteristics, which contribute to the special and exceptional nature of our denim.

Each pair of our selvedge jeans, from the #172 1968 to the #77 Cone Black, is a tribute to the artistry, precision, and commitment that we invest in creating the ultimate denim experience. Every stitch and seam is crafted to guarantee durability and provide unparalleled comfort, promising a pair of jeans that age gracefully with you and get better with time.

The iconic self-edge gives our jeans authentic character. With an assortment of fits from slim, to straight, to skinny, we ensure our collection resonates with your personal style, like a match made in denim heaven. We are here for you to help find your correct fit.

The charm of our selvedge jeans lies in their ability to capture the essence of authentic, vintage denim, just like the #7 Regular. The Cone Mills denim we use possesses an extraordinary depth of color with a familiar, worn-in feel that only becomes more enchanting with time. Each pair tells a story, your story, of individual style and character. Perfect for any occasion, from casual meet-ups to chic events, our jeans are the epitome of adaptability and effortless elegance, solidifying their place as an essential addition to any discerning individual's wardrobe.

Immerse yourself in the blend of Cone Mills' masterful denim production and our steadfast commitment to quality and style. Explore our collection of men's selvedge jeans today and uncover the irresistible allure and exceptional craftsmanship that sets us apart. Welcome to our journey - where heritage and fashion collide in a celebration of the ageless charm of selvedge denim woven with Cone Mills fabric.

gustin #377 cone stretch 2
#377 Cone Stretch 2
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gustin #77 cone black
#77 Cone Black
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#7 The Regular
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#535 Cone Organic Monster ID
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The 1968
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#230 Cone Superlight
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gustin #419 cone black stretch
#419 Cone Black Stretch
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gustin #469 cone mills lyocell selvedge
#469 Cone Mills Lyocell Selvedge
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gustin #534 cone mills heavy 2
#534 Cone Mills Heavy 2
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gustin #540 cone white oak special
#540 Cone White Oak Special
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gustin #529 cone mills double rainbow
#529 Cone Mills Double Rainbow
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#531 Cone Mills Monster Pink ID
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gustin #89 cone bluexblack
#89 Cone BlueXBlack
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gustin #214 cone natural selvedge
#214 Cone Natural Selvedge
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gustin #259 american fourteener
#259 American Fourteener
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gustin #220 cone golden state
#220 Cone Golden State
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gustin #176 cone american unsanforized
#176 Cone American Unsanforized
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gustin #39 cone blue line
#39 Cone Blue Line
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gustin #219 cone pima selvedge
#219 Cone Pima Selvedge
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gustin #27 the heavy american
#27 The Heavy American
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